Computer backup cost

There ar e several methods of backing up your computer. Its price also ranging widely. However, if the cost must be more higher if we’re fail to protect our computer and recovering the data inside.

In most industry area, data is the most important in their business.Protecting corporate data must be seen as the part of entire investment and cost of production. Corporate policy on the data protection aims to protect and maintain their corporate data—its comprise from the development of standard operation procedure to staff allocation as a data specialist.

Here some indications to urge everyone and every firm in backing up data:

  • Backup is better to do in regular term. You need a schedule and reminder when backing up must be done
  • Some cheap options to backing up data are using CDs, DVDs or flash disks. If you buy in bulk, you’ll get some discount (40 cent to 60 cent). However, using this methods really takes your time, because you need to burning it repeatably if the data you back very huge.
  • Online storage could be an interesting alternative. Gmail has 7GB (and it keeps increase) for each account, and its free. Online storage for free or paid service are comfortable for users that have good internet connection.  Bu, you still need to find the reputable provider.
  • Last but not least, use several method of back-up. Combining online method and off-line might reduces some risks, because every method has given-chance to fail—whatever the causes.

How many fund you should provided if you fail to protect your data? A service provider of data recovery in US charged $59 only for assessment fee two years ago. The data recovery service fee starts at $259. If your choose another service, you’ll pay $200 to $600. Notice, it’s exclude technical problem within the hard drive.

New Jersey Data Recovery is a portal-like site developed to provide information on data recovery service.


  1. Actually if we’ve portable hard drive, we can keep the backup of our data. But it’s not secure as many harmful viruses may attack. So we should have an effective Anti-Virus for this purpose.

  2. I currently use an external hard drive, online storage, and a portable hard drive for data backup. I used to use optical discs, but they eventually became too small in storage size. One point to mention with regards to optical discs – always choose high-quality media when using them for backup, as cheap media could lose your data very easily.

  3. Great article.Backing up data is a good method of keeping data secure.There are very many devices one can use as mentioned above but i do prefer online backup methods because with online backup,everything is done automatically and it also saves time and money as well.I personally use an online backup for all my backups and the one am currently using is called safecopy backup.

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