Some ideas to maximazing Excel for 2011 business

Excel is one of the biggest spreadsheet used by people on earth. It used varies people from teacher, students to sales manager.  The spreadsheet has benefits to growing business by helping company in counting, estimating and analyzing business data; sales, stock, revenues and other recordings.

So, joining online excel course for some sales professional is important. The application has useful features that will help them to improve its skill to gain more profit of the company.

Below are selected features in Excel obviously helping us in running the business projection.

Data tables for Sensitivity analysis

Data table can be used to searh the optimal profit by calculating known variable such demand, prices, variable cost, fixed cost and revenue. The function is listed under What-if Analysis.

Data table can be operated in one-way variable and two-way variable.

Data table is a kind of shortcut for estimating multiple results in single operation. It can be used as tool viewing and comparing the results from different formula. Imagine your several products sales and its production costs compared in one worksheet.

Goal seek command

This is another tough feature of Excel. It enables business user to compute a value for a worksheet input that makes the value of a given formula match the goal specify.  In very simple sample, a business user can define the goal of sales and find the cost of promoting by using goal seek.

Goal seek listed under What-if analysis tool

Pivot Table

Tools used to analyze your historical data in various categories. Sales by region, sales by product or unit cost by region. Business owner can use pivot table to search where the unit that work harder in certain period by viewing its goal achieved in the period.

Pivot table can be found in Insert ribbon.