The City and Good Office Space

best business office city

best business office city

Major examiners assess cities based on several statistics and then they draw a conclusion for “best cities”, “well read cities” or “greening cities”. What is the most important thing a business owner expects from this ranking system? I’m certainly sure that they are expecting something close to the business environment, from general to specific. Say “best cities in doing business” or “best cities for cheap office space”. Each city has different characteristics for each different industry. Office space in New York may suit well for your finance related business. Some colleagues select office suites in Singapore for their Asian exports business.

Let’s talk about office space. In general, business owners should address the question on how much space is needed, both currently and in the future. However, there are other considerations as well:

If most of your customers are living in New York, then selecting this city is reasonable. The location criteria is followed by other questions on staff relocation, the obstacle of housing for staff and more. For some business owners, New York office spaces are very lucrative to expand their growing business. The question is, what about virtual offices new York?

Access and Size
Does the the office space has enough access for the current and future staff numbers? If your business has future plans for expansion, so then will the number of staff increase. The good access of an office space may increase staff motivation. Each city has various public transportation facilities, so on this point, new york office space is better.

New or need for repair? How much expense for a out-fitting or refurbishment is required? Is there more space available if you need it? Is there enough storage space for documents or office equipment and will you be paying the right price for it?

Office environment
Learn about the surrounding space and check for noise, views and vibrations. The environment impacts your staff as far as workplace and comfort. If your staff complains about the environmental impacts, then your business should pay more attention.

Business sustainability
The following aspects need to be reviewed such as rates and service charges, rent reviews (how often will the rent be re-assessed). What is the length of the lease? Are there break clauses that allow you to get out before the expiry of the lease? Are there any rent-free periods or landlord’s contribution toward out-fit costs available? Pay more attention also on taxes, services such as heating and electrical services (is there any backup system?).

Your office manager might have addressed so many considerations instead of seeing the condition of the suite. It’s only a matter of taking the time to shop now and see the different suites available, you will be so surprised at what is available to fill your office needs!

To do so, see the following site which could help you in selecting office suites:

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