The top richest countries on earth

Less population living in a country with high income, some of them are endowed by rich natural resources. Here top list of richest countries on earth. Norway, one of the richest countries also awarded by the Top greenest country.

Here the lists of richest countries:

International Monetary Fund (IMF)’s list:

  1. Qatar
  2. Luxemburg
  3. Norway
  4. Singapore
  5. Brunei

World Bank’s list:

  1. Luxemburg
  2. Macau
  3. Norway
  4. Singapore
  5. United States

CIA World Fact’s book

  1. Liechtenstein
  2. Qatar
  3. Luxemburg
  4. Norway
  5. Kuwait

The lists are developed based on the GDP percapita, thus small countries with less population are dominating the list. However, the richest countries are charaterized by abundant oil and gas exports, high-tech manufactures, tourism and international trading.

None of them are agriculture-based country.

  • I just watched something on 60 minutes about Qatar. Its from their gas. They pay for very little there. Even when they die their funerals are free!

  • Paige Lee

    I really wouldn’t question about SG..The place is rich and very clean..I love going there…Not just for business but for vacation too.

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  • It’s nice that it shows that you can be both rich and green – American rhetoric always gives the impression that the two are mutually exclusive.

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