Top 5 greenest cities in the world

Here a list of top 5 greenest cities on earth. The list is revealed after months of serious discussions to find where places are pledge to be green.  Let’s check at previous post which revelas a list of top cleanest countries according to green indicators: both environment policy and public health issues.  Most cleanest countries are in Europe and only one out of 5 greenest cities is managing tropical forests.

Here the greenest cities:

  1. Reykjavik, Iceland. The city runs green power and employs hydrogren buses for its transit system
  2. Portland, Oregon United States. You can find alternative transit with light-rail and extensive bike path networks here
  3. Curitiba, Brazil. The city focuses upon maintenance using green method and maintains best transit systems
  4. Malmo, Sweden. This is one international city that is focused on green space
  5. Vancouver, Canada. Ninety percent of Vancouver is powered by hydroelectricity

More in Reuters and Global Green Guide.

5. Vancouver, Canada

How fitting that Vancouver would be among the top five as the 2010 Olympics have yet to come to a close. They’ve been recognized for trying to make the Olympic games sustainable, but it’s their day-to-day focus that really allows this Canadian city to earn its ranking. Ninety percent of Vancouver is powered by hydroelectricity. Wind, solar, wave and tidal energy all help ensure that this city remains green. Plus, they’ve got even greater goals for the future.

4. Malmo, Sweden

This is one international city that is focused on green space. They are well-known for their parks, but also upon sustainable urban develop. It’s one of the largest cities in Sweden and it’s truly urban. They’ve been transforming neighborhoods to make them environmentally friendly!

3. Curitiba, Brazil

This Brazilian city focuses upon maintenance using green methods, for example, parks that are trimmed by sheep. They are also known for one of the best transit systems, so commuters are encouraged to leave their cars at home.

2. Portland, Oregon United States

Although many U.S. cities are now jumping on board, this was the first to focus upon alternative transit with light-rail and extensive bike path networks to encourage people to leave their cars in the driveway! It was also one of the first to pledge to reduce emissions and start transitioning buildings to use sustainable materials.

1. Reykjavik, Iceland

This city is run entirely on green power, including geothermal and hydroelectricity. Their transit system also uses hydrogen buses and it’s motivated to become Europe’s cleanest city!

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